Why BillQuick?

BillQuick is the most-awarded solution for Time and Expense Tracking, Billing, Project Management, and Accounting. It expedites the billing process to improve cash flow, and automates tasks to make managing projects and analyzing performance easy. Consultants, Architects, Engineers, Accountants, and other service professionals will love how BillQuick organizes and accelerates their processes while making them more profitable.

BillQuick Makes Your Job Easier

  • Automatic Billing
  • Automatic Report Delivery
  • In-Depth Performance Analysis
  • Customizable Dashboard of Key Performance Metrics
  • 180+ Invoice Templates
  • Easy Resource Allocation
  • Custom Notifications and Alerts
  • Access Anywhere, Mac/PC/Web/Mobile

Simple Time & Expense Tracking

Easy Time Entry

Enter time into calendar, spreadsheet or stopwatch formatted time cards, or capture hours in seconds from anywhere with the BillQuick Mobile app.

  • Enter time into calendar, spreadsheet or stopwatch formatted time cards
  • Run multiple timers simultaneously
  • Record expenses in multiple currencies
  • Track overtime, compensation time, sick, vacation and holidays
  • Single-Click DCAA Compliance

Easy Billing and Accounts Receivable

Automatic Billing

"Set it and Forget it" and bill any project automatically on a specified frequency to receive payment more often without even having to remember to bill.

Collection Center

All the information you need—payment history, key historical data and account notes—to enhance your collection efforts.

180+ Invoice Templates

That you can easily process in batches, export as PDFs, edit after processing, and customize using Crystal Reports.

  • Aged A/R for 60, 90, 120 & more available with a click
  • Numerous Invoice Types: Percent complete, retainer, recurring, fixed, hourly, phased, joint and more
  • Progress Billing: bill now and link the time and expense data later
  • Email and Print Invoices: with a click, one at a time or in batches, and link attachments like receipts & pictures to them
  • Retainer Management
  • Award-Winning integration with QuickBooks, Sage 50 and MYOB (Australia)

Robust Project Management

Project Center

Instantly see which projects are running at a loss, have burned through the budget, or have overspent their contract.

Interactive Gantt Charts

Easily reorganize your project schedule by dragging, dropping and stretching tasks on a visual timeline.

Employee Workload Forecaster

See the assignments for each employee in a beautiful color-coded calendar and instantly learn which team members are overextended or under-utilized. Keep an eye on not only your forecasted work, but also who is available to work on your next project.

Revenue Forecaster

Calculate and forecast your revenue so you can manage your cash flow efficiently.

  • 11 Contract Types including Hourly, Fixed Fee, Recurring, 'Cost + Fixed Fee' and 'Cost + Percentage'
  • Budgeting: Lock projects at contract amount, track over-budget projects, and Budgeted vs. Actual comparison
  • Submit-Approve History: Click on any item like a time or expense entry, invoice or vendor bill and more to see the full history of its submittal, approval or rejection
  • Group Projects and organize with up to four levels of work breakdown (project, phase, segment and sub-segment)
  • Assign activities, expenses and employees to specific projects

Extensive Reporting

Report Center

Choose from over 500+ Reports, apply filters, instantly preview, and view related reports easily in an organized hub.

Customizable Dashboard

View Key Performance Indicators like Monthly Aging, Unbilled Time, Money Owed by Client, Aged Receivables, Monthly Cash Flow and more on a single screen.

  • Employee and Vendor Snapshot: View breakdowns of utilization, realization and billable work for employees and consultants
  • Create Memorized Reports and easily tag any report as your favorite
  • Built-in Report Customization: change fonts, colors and much more
  • Email reports/invoices as Word, Excel or PDF

Intuitive Accounting

Easy Check Writing

Select bills to pay, the account to pay them from, and write checks quickly using standard check stock.

  • Simplified bank reconciliation
  • Chart of Accounts with a Trial Balance
  • General Journal Entries, Registers and General Ledger
  • Accrual and Cash-Basis Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Reports

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