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Customer Reviews

Happy with support BillQuick
Blue Star Integrative Studio Inc
March, 2017
"The BillQuick support department is one of the better customer support groups of all the software people we deal with. And we are spread all over with apps. Keep it up."
Great billing software BillQuick
Rivera Consulting Group, Inc.
March, 2017
"Highly recommended product."
Great software with excellent technical support! BillQuick
Nicolini, Paradise, Ferretti & Sabella, PLLC
March, 2017
"We have been using BillQuick for 5 years now. It definitely has made our time & expense tracking and billing easy. The fact that they have a feature rich LEDES export makes our electronic billing smooth. Technical support is very receptive and knowledgeable. Overall, we are extremely happy with billquick and highly recommend it."
Outstanding Client Support BillQuick
PrecisionPoint, Inc.
February, 2017
"The Technical Support Engineers are top notch. They are patient, friendly, and take the time and care to walk you through your issue."
BillQuick has saved us so much time... BillQuick
Olson Lewis + Architects
February, 2017
"We have been using BillQuick for almost 11 years now and are definitely satisfied with the software. It has helped us track time and expenses on the projects without any miss and that has resulted in increased profitability. Key project information on reports is helping our project managers make important timely decisions in real time. Absolutely love their excellent customer service."
BQE provides excellent customer service BillQuick
Riitters Thompson & Olson PA
February, 2017
"I am not a tech savvy person and when I contacted BillQuick technical support, the engineer I spoke with walked me through step by step process of resolution. Not only that, they were quickly able to pinpoint the issue. We have been using BillQuick for 4 years and are happy with the software and their service."
Superb support! BillQuick
Edward White & Co., LLC.
February, 2017
"The representative went above and beyond to take care of our BillQuick needs. Sets the bar high!"
BillQuick - It's all in the name! BillQuick
February, 2017
"I used BillQuick for years and never looked back! Tracking very important information like EXPENSES and TIME are 100% essential to project organization and overall profitability. BillQuick does just that. The project managers I worked alongside couldn't have been more impressed with the software and made their jobs easier than the kinder garden (not really, buy you get the point). Support was Grade A and the UX was very intuitive. There are some bugs, but easily worked around and fixed in a timely manner."
Longtime Customer BillQuick
Safex, Inc.
February, 2017
"Customer support is wonderful, much better than it was even three years ago."
We love BQE! BillQuick
Koukol & Johnson, LLC
February, 2017
"We have been using BillQuick for 10 years now and I would definitely say it has made our life easy. It is very easy to use and handles our time and expense tracking on matters and different invoicing needs very well. Although, we consider ourselves experts in the software but whenever we need any help their customer service is outstanding."
Experience BillQuick
Bromund Law
February, 2017
"Product is too general. It's good for a company on a budget. This service does not cost nearly as much as more dedicated and more user friendly software. It does require a large time commitment to get it all set up and going. Best use for a small service company, just starting out, who needs affordable software that can provides you with basic features and simple reports. As you scale your business it is worth looking for more industry-specific software. "
Very well thought of software BillQuick
Tim Barber Ltd., Inc.
February, 2017
"My background in finance has availed the opportunity to work with Sage ERP300, Great Plains, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Design Manager and now BillQuick. I am very fond of BillQuick and its customization features. Very well thought of software. I look forward to BillQuick providing better accounting functions than QuickBooks down the road. The support team is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Over these years several BillQuick support engineers have assisted me as well and provided shortcut solutions that in essence create bigger issues. "
BillQuick BillQuick
Mid-Iowa Community Action
February, 2017
"BillQuick is easy and efficient. Able to streamline our processes."
Invoice Templates BillQuick
gLAs Architects, LLC
February, 2017
"The invoice templates need more features that will separate expenses from Vendor (Consultant). It's impossible to have a true billed-to-date for expenses and consultants because they are lumped together as an expense. I have been told that I can purchase a template just for our company that will do this but I think it should come as a feature already. Other than that, I think the BQuick is a very good program for the Architect industry."
Great Software BillQuick
Richmond Architects Ltd.
February, 2017
"It is pretty user friendly, with a lot of functions. Easy to keep track of hours and billing information."
Its great BillQuick
February, 2017
"There have been a few glitches in transitioning from QB to BQ, but I think we are getting it with a lot of support. These issues mostly relate to the accounting module. Because I have been involved in the transition for the entire 2016 year, I have not been able to really test out the product fully - I am looking forward to mastering BQ-let's see if I can..."
Absolutely. . . . . . THE BEST!!! BillQuick
RFG Financial Group, Inc.
February, 2017
"What a life saver!!!! We've used BillQuick for the last five years. It has proved to be the perfect solution for our timekeeping and billing needs. BQE is easy to use and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. The program has a variety of easy-to-use features and an extensive catalog of reports that can be tailored to meet the most specific of requirements. And, if needed, they have a fabulous team who will develop a custom report, tailored to fit your specific needs and reporting requirements."
Great experience BillQuick
The Walk of Life
February, 2017
"Great experience I would fix anything about it. Except this has a slight delay when downloading certain pages. Also, customer service takes a long time. But once you get a rep it's helpful "
Great concept BillQuick
February, 2017
"Bill Quick online has definitely helped us improve our cash flow and our profitability. I would recommend it to other architects with a couple of caveats."
Customer service BillQuick
High Mesa Consulting Group
February, 2017
"I was on the phone with the representative (BQE) and QuickBooks Tech Support for several hours today. I was extremely frustrated as we weren't finding a solution to my syncing my invoices to QuickBooks. After much frustration, we let QuickBooks hang up from the GoTo Meeting as well as the conference call with BQE and myself. The representative assured me he would help me and he did. While I had to put him on hold for a moment, he was able to find the problem and resolve it! I am so happy and now I don't have to go the weekend worrying about how my invoices next week are going to sync. Thank you so much for hanging in and helping resolve the problem! "
Quick and Easy BillQuick
Kenneth D Lathrum & Associates
January, 2017
"BillQuick was new to me when I started with the company and there wasn't time to train me on the software. Within an hour of jumping in and working with the software, I had the basic idea of where everything was and how to do what I needed to accomplish. Much of my work is done with BillQuick but it is so easy and efficient it gives me time to do the tasks I put on the back burner for downtime. The few times I have needed to call in for support, the agents are always friendly and helpful, they know what they are talking about."
Project Management Software BillQuick
Stewart Environmental Consultants, LLC
January, 2017
"We have been using Bill Quick for about 3 years and have found this to be an excellent product. We switched from other software and have found this software to be so much better and easier to use."
Billquick - A law firm's dream BillQuick
January, 2017
"BillQuick is the best technology platform to run your business that can be as simple or as intricate as your company needs. In one program you can manage Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Corporate Finances, Budget Reports, QuickBooks, Cash Flow, and Human Resources. It is particularly useful for companies that bill hourly. Employees can use the Billquick App to record their billable time via text or speech-to-text as well as record their business expenses by taking pictures of receipts that automatically upload into the program. Whether you are a company of 2 or 2,000 employees, Billquick is your one stop shop for a growing business."
BillQuick BillQuick
Archer-Elgin Engineering and Surveying
January, 2017
"I love the software but has a lot of features that I know that I am not even touching the surface of what it's potential is."
Bill Quick Review BillQuick
Jordan Tempchin & Associates, PC
January, 2017
"Bill Quick is aesthetically tolerable, but the functionality of it could use some upgrades. For example, when I create a new entity in the bill quick system, it takes a few refreshers before actually showing up in the search engine. This has caused confusion among my staff, where CPA's will ask those on the administrative side to create client's for them, but when they go to input their hours for that client, they have difficulty finding the entity even though it has already been created in the system."
BillQuick - less fixed costs BillQuick
Proyectos Ingenierķa S.R.L.
January, 2017
"BillQuick was the best way to reduced our administrative costs, without losing control of accounting management. We can be focused on our technical job, with lower costs and more time. An excellent tool."
BillQuick is Loaded with software bug BillQuick
January, 2017
"Recently switched to BillQuick and I am very disappointed. The program is loaded with software bugs. Reports that do not work, screens that give you errors constant freezes. I would not recommend. "
Great Product BillQuick
Hall and Hall Engineers
December, 2016
"This is a really good product that does everything we needed. "
Satisfied BillQuick Customer! BillQuick
Hymes & Company, A Professional Corporation
December, 2016
"We have been using BillQuick for 10 years and very satisfied with the product and their customer service"
Excellent Software BillQuick
Virtual Tax Accountant
December, 2016
"I love this program very much and recommend it to anyone planning on using it to sync with QuickBooks. It saves us a lot of time."
Controller BillQuick
Tim Barber Ltd.
December, 2016
"The technical support staff is very knowledgeable and helpful with the BQE software. I am presently implementing the accounting portal of the software and find the software absolutely wonderful for the end user. The best part is that you can customize labels, make global changes, and reports are fabulous without the need for an additional report driver. I have not seen an error with its time tracking capabilities and love the various ways to analyze the time reports and project tracking. I have worked with QuickBooks (20 years), Great Plans, Peachtree, MAS90-/ERP 300, and now applaud BillQuick as the accounting superstar for billing time. "
Time Saver BillQuick
December, 2016
"This software has drastically decreased the time and headache of time tracking and invoicing. It is straight forward to use, user-friendly and able to generate useful reports to track efficiency and profitability."
Kudos for my rep BillQuick
HCT Certified Public Accountants & Consultants, LLC
December, 2016
"Yesterday I spoke with my rep. He assisted me in finding a report I needed for the managing partner of the firm and he did it quickly and give me a couple of pointers for searching going forward. Most importantly, he was knowledgeable AND pleasant."
Review of Time spend! BillQuick
Marin Tax and Accounting Services
December, 2016
"This is the software application to time my accounting time and records all the information that I need my client to be aware of for our next meeting. I really love the ease and the functionality of the application. I am able to send time estimates."
BillQuick Time Bill, Project Management & Accounting BillQuick
Mark Farner CPA PA
December, 2016
"BillQuick is a sophisticated time and expense billing software. It can be customized to individual needs. I use it for my accounting practice, but don't need many of the features available with the product. It will integrate with QuickBooks, however, I prefer to use it simply to track time and expense; then use QuickBooks directly for my invoicing. The BillQuick software will produce very detailed invoices if you choose to use the program to prepare client invoices. You can customize the appearance of the invoice to give the client as much or little information you want."
BillQuick has a easy learning curve BillQuick
Stokes & Associates, Inc.
December, 2016
"I have been using BillQuick since 2009. It has a very easy learning curve and integrates extremely well with QuickBooks. Customer service has always been very helpful and knowledgeable. I just wish I knew more about Crystal Reports so I could customize some of the reports to better suit our practice. "
Bill Quick Training - support - intergration with Quickbooks BillQuick
The Saint Consulting Group, Inc.
December, 2016
"So far our experience has been great. Every time we call support we get outstanding service. The training has also been top notch."
BillQuick is flexible and meets our needs! BillQuick
December, 2016
"I'm sure we don't use all the features in the system, but it is flexible enough to meet our needs. The system is very easy to use and customer support has helped us with some customizing that has worked great for some unique needs. I would highly recommend this system!"
Ease of use of Billquick BillQuick
GeoSource, LLC
November, 2016
"Have used this product for close to ten years in our office, makes tracking projects and invoicing projects very simple."
Decent Engineering Project Management software package BillQuick
Engineered Solutions Inc.
November, 2016
"We have been BillQuick users since 2008 after Deltek Advantage priced small businesses out of the market. BillQuick interfaces nicely with Quickbooks and the user interface is easy to use, once you figure out some of the quirks. Although it offers a lot of reports, I don't seem to find the ones I want the most. I also don't necessarily trust the numbers I see in different reports if a job has gone overbudget. The Project Managers have never taken the time to use the software aside from time entry and the Project Center."
Reinstall BillQuick
Horne Engineering, Inc.
November, 2016
"Rep was extremely helpful and got me up and running very quickly. My local computer had to be wiped, I called and he put my files on the server and reinstalled them back on my machine."
User friendly program with helpful technical support staff BillQuick
Namtvedt & Company CPAs, Inc.
November, 2016
"Our firm started using BillQuick for our client billing in 2008. It has been a very user friendly program with very little maintenance. Being able to edit fields in the billing review has been invaluable to me due to a varying sales tax in our city limits. The gold care support is tremendous. Technical support staff is always very helpful and efficient. The report customization proved to be a very positive experience too."
Q&A BillQuick
Quible & Associates, P.C.
November, 2016
"Have used for monthly billing, daily timesheets, since 2003."
BillQuik Software BillQuick
Robert Mitchell & Associates
November, 2016
"The software is fairly easy to use and many of the functions within each area of the software all work exactly the same and can be found under the same sub-menu within each section. It is quite intuitive while still allowing for substantial customization or choices within each section. We use it only for billing along with accounts receivables, aging, etc. We do not interface it with our accounting software as we have an offsite accountant who just enters the summary from the ageing and income reports."
An Amazing Software to work! BillQuick
Lime Tree
November, 2016
"BillQuick is a perfect solution for handling daily time tracking, billing/collection and project management related tasks. It simplifies any complex billing cycle, and has got all the features for recording time and expenses to provide invoices to the clients."
BillQuick - Review BillQuick
Fidelity Investment
November, 2016
"BillQuick does a decent job of tracking all our project data and integrates fairly well will Quickbooks. It s a very robust system that allows for very accurate tracking. Its easy to use with a great UI, and I'm not tied to the limitations of my Bank."
Great Product BillQuick
Kieft Engineering, Inc.
November, 2016
"I would recommend any small business requiring this type of software go with this project rather than some of the bigger software providers. These has many for features and can be tailored any way."
Review of BillQuick BillQuick
Tata Consultancy Services
November, 2016
"BillQuick is one of the simplest and easy to use software available in the market. It has got automated billing system. Amazing for tracking your finances. The customer service is also great. It's flexible and easy to navigate."
BillQuick stands true to its name BillQuick
Siemens Energy
November, 2016
"BillQuick handles the day-to-day time tracking, project management, and billing tasks. It is an integrated Time and Expense Tracking, Project Management, Billing and Accounting solution that is scalable for businesses of all sizes. It helps in expedition of the billing process and thus leads to a better management of the project and increases the ability to analyze performance"
Simplified tool for complex processes: BillQuick BillQuick
November, 2016
"BillQuick is an integrated Time and Expense Tracking, Project Management, Billing and Accounting solution that is scalable for businesses of all sizes. It is built by Architects, Engineers and CPA's to meet the specific needs of professional services firms. It is packed with simple, powerful features designed to help firms bolster their cash flow by expediting their billing process, while dramatically improving their project management and their ability to analyze performance. We can customize the reports as per the requirements, like for personal view or client presentation. We can also view multiple reports on a single window. It has different configurations to fit the business needs of a range of industries. It has over 400 built-in report templates, 150 built-in invoice templates which make the process hassle free."
BillQuick does what we want it to do! BillQuick
Occam Engineers Inc.
November, 2016
"We have been using BillQuick for about 5 years and just started using the accounting package in January of this year. Our bookkeeper previously used QuickBooks. BillQuick is a very robust project management system and is very effective from time sheet entry, billing review, invoicing and producing reports. We anticipate rolling out BillQuick Web Suite to our staff over the next few months. We have recently cross trained another staff member in BillQuick. She had not worked in BillQuick before. She is very pleased with BillQuick and how user friendly it is compared to what she previously used (Deltek)."
Very easy to use BillQuick
CLL & Associates
November, 2016
"This has saved me more than once and has been a great referral for clients. It is very easy to use and has less problems than other invoicing programs."
Amazing BillQuick
Ramos Wood Floors
November, 2016
"I love this program very much and recommend it to anyone planning on using it, you will be satisfied."
BQ Review BillQuick
Lotus Water
November, 2016
"Have been using it for a couple of years."
Valuable and informative BillQuick
Internat Energy Solutions Canada
November, 2016
"I have been searching different ERP softwares for our company in order to generate some insightful KPI's for our core stakeholders. After several discussions with many companies, I happen to look at Billquick. I immediately downloaded the trial version to explore the different options for this software. This is an impressive and affordable software that solves the whole issue of how to integrate data from different databases. It is easy to understand, has a great manual provides an overview for every project, and the most important thing - the technical and sales support team is very helpful and responsive. Our company recently purchased the Enterprise version of this software. We are really looking forward to tracking and monitoring our company progress!"
Multifaceted Timekeeping and Billing Software BillQuick
Municipal & Financial Services Group
October, 2016
"Several years ago, we wanted to transition from using Excel for all of our timekeeping and invoicing needs and adopt software that would make the tasks much easier. After a lengthy search, we came upon Billquick. It had many features that its competitors did not, most importantly for us the ability to assign different billing rates to different projects. We have been a Billquick customer since then."
BQ and Safex, Inc. BillQuick
Safex, Inc.
October, 2016
"Safex has been a long term customer because we want an affordable fairly robust means of establishing budgets and tracking time and expenses for projects."
Excellent Product! BillQuick
Engineering Analytics, Inc.
October, 2016
"Bill Quick is an excellent product that meets all of our billing needs. They also offer an outstanding support team that will walk you through any issues you may have. I would highly recommend this product!"
Bill Quick BillQuick
FTF Engineering, Inc.
October, 2016
"This is a fantastic program. As our business grew we really struggled with our old software to produce clear invoices without jumping through hoops. Now, invoicing is very easy. Additionally, we have information available to us we never had before. The Customer Service is top notch. Very short wait time and they have always been able to solve my problems. The Facebook Group is great - if other customers can't help, BQ staff jump in and offer solutions. Highly recommend BQ!!"
Bill Quick BillQuick
Structural Engineers Group
October, 2016
"I have been using this product for about 6 years now and am very happy with this product. They have an excellent customer support team. It's easy to contact them for help when needed. They are patient and professional when helping resolve issues."
Good software to manage projects BillQuick
Lea and Braze Engineering, Inc
October, 2016
"Good functions, easy to use and excellent customer support."
BillQuick BillQuick
Marilyn Zander, CPA
October, 2016
"I have used BillQuick for about 10 years in my CPA practice. It definitely has increased my billable time and is easy to use."
Great Software BillQuick
J3 Engineering Consultants, Inc.
October, 2016
"I have been using Billquick for a few years and it has proven to be a very robust and powerful software. Customer support will rise to the challenge when questions can't be answered in-house and their training and customization services are very helpful. I would recommend Billquick to anyone within the A&E industry in need of timekeeping, billing and accounting software."
Great Product BillQuick
Duckworth Wealth Advisors
October, 2016
"BillQuick works well for the needs of our business. The support team is very knowledgeable. There is never a long wait for technical support."
BillQuick is GREAT! BillQuick
Cascade Surveying & Engineering Inc
October, 2016
"I have been using this software for several years now for our civil engineering firm of approximately 20 employees. We use it the most for invoicing and it works very well."
BillQuick for a Small Accounting Firm BillQuick
Carney Consulting Group
October, 2016
"I've used BillQuick for about 10 years now and continue to rely on it for ease of time keeping for me and my staff. It provides a quick month end billing solution for my flat fee customers and gives me the ability to quickly invoice the hourly customers. Once billing is done I "send" the information to QuickBooks in a seamless fashion."
Great time tracking and invoicing software for the small office BillQuick
Ring Consulting Group
October, 2016
"We've been using BillQuick for about 20 years. Great software and easy to use. Got the software to manage our time tracking and invoicing for our engineering office. BQ allows us to track our time on projects so we can bill out against the right project, as well as track hours against budget and fee. It's easy to capture the extra time on projects, and helps us detect when scope creep happens on our projects. Converting the time spent on projects to invoicing the clients is quick, and we can easily capture those "extras" that can slip through the cracks if you don't pay attention to it."
Outstanding Technical Support BillQuick
October, 2016
"We have just begun to implement BillQuick in our office. I am one of the software developers on the project tasked with moving time data from our current system to BillQuick and leveraging BillQuick's invoicing capabilities to replace our current Mainframe invoices. Since we've started I've contacted support on numerous occasions to get clarification on process, technical questions about the database, etc. Support has been amazing! They have quickly responded to any questions I've asked, have called to follow up and everyone really knows the product."
Billquick BillQuick
Fong Hart Schneider
October, 2016
"I have used this software for many years (twenty) and have been very satisfied with it. It is easy for me to use and I have been able to adjust to the downsizing of our company which we have encountered over the years, Billquick is still the program I use to do all the invoicing and record keeping for all projects. While I am definitely sure I do not avail myself of all the bells and whistles that Billquick offers I feel that that is what good software should do - be able to accommodate needs of all size users."
Reviewed for my rep.... BillQuick
Enginuity Systems, LLC
October, 2016
"Reporting can be difficult to reflect true figures for me, but the product is greatly appreciated. "
Silverman CPM Review BillQuick
Silverman Construction Program Management, Inc.
October, 2016
"We became a BillQuick Enterprise user in March 2011. From the start, we were impressed by the software and the BillQuick Team. Their assistance in the integration of the product was handled professionally. We were walked through every step and an explanation of the "why" was given to us by our Implementation Manager we had - Irfan Qazi. The program is intuitive and easy to use. To date, we have had our support requests handled by friendly, knowledgeable representatives. I learn every day there is more to the software than I knew of the day before. The software's time and expense is easy to use and all of our employees use it to report their time and expenses. The software makes preparation of monthly invoices to our clients easy and efficient."
BillQuick - Engineering in Utah BillQuick
Calder Richards Consulting Engineers
October, 2016
"Over ten years ago we were researching all kinds of programs that were suitable for our industry to handle our billing. We found BillQuick to be the very best for ease of use, industry specific billing software. Then we were introduced to the staff of BillQuick. Very knowledgeable & always there to help with questions. It is so refreshing to always be able to talk to a human & in a very timely manner. Being part of the Gold Support program, I do not believe I have ever had to be on hold. Over the years there have been upgrades and although the power of what this program can do increases each time, the screens & steps have not changed all that much, so I don't feel like I have to relearn the program each time."
Excellent Product! BillQuick
Mack Gay Associates, P.A.
October, 2016
"We have been using this software for over 10 years and have been extremely pleased. "
Good product with OUTSTANDING Customer Service BillQuick
Tipton Associates Incorporated
October, 2016
"This product allows out small engineering business to have the employee maintain their time sheets and take notes on the work performed as need for detailed billing of invoices. BillQuick handles all billing, AR, AP, and work in progress needs. The program almost seamlessly transfers the data to Quickbooks for final accounting needs."
BillQuick has made our life so much easier when it comes to time and expense tracking BillQuick
Monte R. Lee & Company
October, 2016
"In the past we used an older version of a software product that did not give us all the reporting we needed. If we are in need of a special report we can call BillQuick and they can assist us in finding the correct version of a report that helps us identify the information we are looking for. We have yet had to order special report made for us. So far, BillQuick has all the special reports we need."
Alan's review BillQuick
RGD Acoustics, Inc.
October, 2016
"We have used BQ for the past 13 years. It has been reliable and people have been able to learn the basic input fairly rapidly. Gold support is highly recommended as the Billquick support specialists are very knowledgeable and have been helpful in solving issues we have encountered. "
Excellent continued Customer Service! BillQuick
Eric Miller Architects, Inc.
October, 2016
"Q representative was very patient and informative and knowledgeable of the product. Generous to explain options to make my invoice revisions smooth and user-friendly. "
Bill Quick - Easy to Use BillQuick
Webber+Studio, Architects
October, 2016
"We found this tool super useful. it made the whole process much more efficient. highly recommended."
Does the job BillQuick
Castleman & Associates, PC
October, 2016
"We have been using it for our time tracking and billing function for several years, and the program does what we want it to do. "
Billquick overall review BillQuick
October, 2016
"The software has too many features and they should be consolidated to make it user friendly. Switching to expenses does not refresh automatically. The refresh button must be used a lot when switching from one feature to another."
We Are All Surprised I Am Writing This Review! BillQuick
Project Delivery Group
October, 2016
"I purchased my first licenses of Billquick reluctantly, as an overpriced timesheet management system for my very small business and quickly began fighting to make it meet my partners needs for invoicing our clients. It was not pretty and there were times when we had serious discussions about whether this was the right fit for me. but the BQ team didn't give up and I am glad I did not. One advantage of a rough start was the opportunity to get to know and really appreciate the exceptional quality, skill, and patience of the support team assembled for BQ clients. Over the years, we have struggled and grown and improved our skills and processes together, and that is one of the exceptional things about this software and this company. They really do listen to their users and try to incorporate our priorities and needs into the upgrade process. The program is feature rich, and most companies won't need to use every feature that is available, but there are convenient and graceful ways to make each person's interface efficient, streamlined and comfortable. When the same program is usable for an intern on his first day and our power user when she is invoicing you know it is easy to use. I used to wish Quickbooks would get a better time management and invoicing capability so I could stop buying Billquick, but now I am trying to get rid of Quickbooks! The network versions work well, I can access the program over a VPN, and I have gone months without calls to the Support Team lately. Having grown from 5 to 30 employees since becoming a customer, I have to say, Billquick has been part of our path to success."
Review of BillQuick BillQuick
FPM Group/FPM Remediations
October, 2016
"I use this product on a daily basis for 2 companies. The project set up is easy to complete and flows nicely with the next step in the billing process. The invoicing process is clear and easy to complete. Many of the screens have columns that the user can hide or show according to your preference. They can be rearranged as well. "
Bill Quick Software Use and output BillQuick
Webber + Studio Architects
October, 2016
"We use this software for all of out accounting and billing related to projects."
WRK Engineers Review of BillQuick BillQuick
WRK Engineers
October, 2016
"Being a database, it can store infinite information. This info can also be easily searched. Helpful us when recalling details of a project from 3-4 years ago. The Gold level support is a must (and worth it if there is an issue). The Facebook group (comprised of BQE staff and users) is an excellent resource for learning from others and receiving "after hours" support for a quick "how to". The BQE team is very enthusiastic about their products and also does a good job of providing continual education via free webinars. "
Very satisfied BillQuick
Highfill Infrastructure Engineering
October, 2016
"BillQuick syncs easily with QuickBooks. Technical support is always very helpful and customer service is top notch. Webinars are very helpful for learning about product features and new functions when the software is updated yearly."
Civil and Structural Engineering Consulting Firm Using BillQuick BillQuick
Reiss Brown Ekmekji, Inc.
October, 2016
"We have been using BQ for more than 10 years and love the customizability of it. We can keep track of our clients and jobs and create reports for almost anything we need and it syncs easily with QuickBooks."
Great Product!!! BillQuick
Excel Software Professionals, Ltd
October, 2016
"I have been working with BillQuick for 8 years now. BillQuick makes it possible for our organization to efficiently track time, manage projects, easily bill our customers. BillQuick has allowed us to streamline processes which as a result, has improve performance dramatically. What at one time took days to accomplish now takes only minutes. Lastly, I have not run into very many reasons to support but the few times I have, my calls were handled quickly, effectively, and the representative has always in my experience been very kind. "
Great Time keeping and Billing software for Architects and Engineers BillQuick
Cooper Gardner Architects
October, 2016
"It is very easy to learn to use for both staff entering time and new accounts staff. The ease of time entries means that fewer staff are delinquent on keeping timesheets up to date. Projects can be broken down into phases - this is KEY for tracking fees within an Architectural Full scope of services. You create your own Activity Codes which you can align with your preferred Contract. It REALLY does speed up invoicing tremendously. It offers a WIDE range of invoice templates and reports to analyse project Fee expenditure and report to Clients. It allows for various levels of security access so that Senior Staff are not beholden to the Accounts Department when they need to report to a Client or check the Fee against the Contract. All staff can monitor Fee in real time (assuming time sheets are up to date). Senior Staff can easily monitor and give feedback to staff on performance and productivity, based on various time periods, for example on Billable vs non billable hours, contracted hours performance etc. The technical support is excellent .Integrated with Quick Books very well."
Awesome Time Keeping, Billing and Project Management software BillQuick
Paragon Engineering Services
October, 2016
"Very user friendly for tracking time and expenses for your projects - Easy to make changes as needed. i like that you get to choose how you will lable your activities and projects to suit your needs. The number of reports available with their dynamic filters make a very powerful source of reports. And if you can not find a report to suite your needs BillQuick can create a custom report for you."
BillQuick Review BillQuick
Cosmetic Lab
October, 2016
"I have been using this for 3 years. I really like it. My other account executive has been using this as well for about years and it is just very convenient and user friendly. "
Great customer service BillQuick
Tanimura & Associates
October, 2016
"I had to upgrade our 2007 version to the 2016 version of the software. The upgrade went without a hitch and Support Engineer my rep was right there to walk me through the steps as well as make sure that my data file converted smoothly. What a huge help!"
10 years with BQE and going strong BillQuick
October, 2016
"After 10 years with BQE software, we have grown from two to 17 licenses. We've never regretted our decision to grow our business with BQE software. Everyone of our staff use it every day, whether on the road or in the office. It is dependable, easy to use, and ensures a clean integration with QuickBooks, our accounting software. BQE Gold support has been a great value. BQE support staff are knowledgeable, professional, and helpful; and are there for us whenever a question arises."
Best in class: Time & Expense BillQuick
Healthcare Provider
October, 2016
"We selected Billquick after a review of 8 different products. We've got 15 timekeepers working on over 150 projects per month. This was the best fit for us and exceeded our expectations on functionality, reporting and support. Our billing is faster and more accurate: our billing cycle has gone from 5 days down to 1 while time and expense errors are down to less than 0.5%. Its easy to catch mistakes and correct them before invoices go out. The Mobile app has been great for our consultants. Getting real-time information on where projects are at and their payment status has reduced our write-off's to next to zero. Billquick has transformed our business."
BillQuick is great BillQuick
Karbon Engineering
October, 2016
"I have had a few issues with the software, but usually it is just user error and the help desk staff is able to fix the issue and educate me on what I did wrong."
Best Customer Service!! BillQuick
Enviro-Sciences (of Delaware) Inc.
October, 2016
"We have been using BillQuick since 2012. The customer service is superior."
Top Notch Support BillQuick
Simon Design Engineering, LLC
October, 2016
"My company has been using BQ for 10 years. As a new user this past month I find it user friendly for the most part as I taught myself the basic functions in 2-3 days. There are some reports that are not available that would be helpful to have. Technical support line/technicians are very nice and super helpful, and very patient with this new user!"
Great Software, Top Notch Support BillQuick
Montgomery Roth Architecture & Interior Design
October, 2016
"We've been using BillQuick since 2008. Prior to that we were using TimeSlips. The transition was a breeze and we have never looked back. We have found BillQuick to be a much more robust program overall, and BQE continues to add new features. The support team is spectacular and well worth the GoldSupport plan. BQE has done a great job when it comes to incorporating our feedback into updates. The program has a decent amount of flexibility, so with a little tweaking and some report customization, most companies should be able to suitably represent the information that is important to them."
Quality product BillQuick
Amend Consulting
October, 2016
"Many features and functionality. Takes some time to learn. Cannot easily be customized. Excellent support."
Wow BillQuick
Allers Associates Architects
October, 2016
"Big Business Technology For businesses of all sizes! Small town friendliness, and magnificent support! No need to worry about them being so far away in California and beyond, They can always dial right in and get the problem solved! Love my BQ!"
BillQuick user before Facebook - that's a loooong time! BillQuick
Kevin Harris Architect LLC
October, 2016
"We were early adopters of BillQuick for it's easy of use, versatility and value. Somewhere along the line, after A/E/C management seminar, we strayed. We invested well over $10K in a big name big ticket product that was unwieldy to use and even more expensive to keep up. We returned to dear 'ol BillQuik and have been faithful ever since. "
High Value Product BillQuick
Northwest Information Services, Inc
October, 2016
"I have found that the online product provides nearly all of the functionality that we need and it has certainly provides a more positive user experience than previous software we have used. This is a solid product at a price point that is reasonable for my small company. I greatly appreciate the prompt support and excellent customer service whenever I have run into questions or problems. The program has been easy for my staff to use and this has increased the adoption and decreased my workload. There are a few things I would do to improve the program but BQE does seem to be continually evaluating and improving the product."
Billquick Software BillQuick
Carr Engineering, Inc.
October, 2016
"We have been using Billquick since 2008 and have 25 employees entering time and expenses on a daily basis. We also use the accounting package and BillQuick Agent. We did not have a prior accounting software so did not have to go through a conversion process. We have been able to set everything up ourselves with no formal training from Billquick as the software is very easy to use. "
Mind blowing software! Mind blowing support! BillQuick
Bennett Trenchless Engineers, LLP
October, 2016
"Bennett Trenchless Engineers has been using Bill Quick for the past 5 years. It is a rich, flexible software program with excellent customer support. BQE seems to be working constantly to enrich and improve the software to meet the challenges of today's quickly changing technology. I am always impressed with the professionalism of the support staff and their willingness to patiently "walk me through" the issues and questions I have. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs a project management program with dynamic reports. There is a report for almost anything my boss asked me for. If by chance that report does not exist, BQE is willing to make a custom report for a reasonable fee. "
Wow...BillQuick well worth the investment. BillQuick
Sorge CPA & Business Advisors, S.C.
October, 2016
"So we have been using Timeslips for a long time. Good quality product. However, once we made the transition to BillQuick I am totally on board. Keep in mind that we made a huge up front investment. It was a leap of faith. I liked everything I was hearing, as did our team members. In the end we could not be more pleased with the results. Everyone from the sales team, trainers and tech support helped us with the transition. We have 40 licenses and not in 6 locations. While we are still only a couple of months into this we are starting to get a nice pay back. We have some distance yet to cover but we can see the path clearly now. "
My Rep is a great asset to BQE BillQuick
Jones Petrie Rafinski
October, 2016
"I had a major payroll problem that delayed payroll by a full day. I called BQE and was lucky enough to speak to a rep. My Rep helped me over and over. He went way above and beyond what anyone could have or should have expected of him. He got me on track, helped me find the problem and showed me some things that I had not known. Really I thank my repfor his time and efforts! "
Wonderful product and even more wonderful people to work with!! BillQuick
Caldwell & Company
October, 2016
"My company has been using BillQuick Pro since 2008. It is an amazing product. What is extraordinary is the service from the customer & tech support teams who have helped us throughout the years to adapt and customize the product to our particular needs."
CivTech BillQuick Software & Support BillQuick
CivTech Inc.
October, 2016
"CivTech decided to implement the software with the current QuickBooks software to improve time entry & add reports. Also to save time during the invoicing and payroll process. During the implementation of the 2 software programs and learning process the BillQuick Representatives, Customer Service along with the custom report process has been a good experience and will be an excellent benefit for our company. I would like to thank my rep and the representatives who have been essential in our company moving forward with understanding and using the BillQuick software."
Excellent Product BillQuick
Advantage Point Group, Inc
October, 2016
"Our company has grown immensely in the 12 years that we have been using Bill Quick. We couldn't be happier with how it preforms for us on a daily basis."
BillQuick Project Management Software BillQuick
Murex Environmental Inc.
October, 2016
"Murex Environmental Inc. has been using BillQuick project management software for more than 5 years. The program is powerful and flexible. Using the program is easy to learn, however, some features within the program are not intuitive. Custom reports/forms may require the help of BillQuick at an additional charge. BilllQuick customer support deserves a 5 star rating - very helpful and responsive."
BQ is Awesome BillQuick
It All Adds Up Inc
September, 2016
"BillQuick is the best software for multiple types of businesses. I have used this software at radio stations, architectural firms, civil engineering firms, CPA Firms, and law firms. Once installed it is easy for employees to learn how to use the software. The desktop version also syncs with QuickBooks. The syncing with QuickBooks takes a little more training of an employee but works wonderfully and seemless. I have personally worked with BIllQuick for about 10 years. It is very flexible for multiple types of businesses. "
Affordable Solution for Small Companies BillQuick
QSPEC Solutions, Inc.
September, 2016
"Our company of 8 people began using BillQuick in 2008 as a solution for tracking and managing our projects-centered engineering business. We find the program to be affordable and extremely versatile. If one of the hundreds of reports doesn't fit a need, they can be customized even further to present data in any format. Now that our company has grown to 20+ employees, we still find BillQuick to be the best option for our money. Their customer service team is responsive if we need anything, and they are always improving upon the product. "
Billquick is a great and easy software to use BillQuick
Porcupine Engineering Services Inc.
September, 2016
"Although the software has a lot of different functionalities, it is quite easy to use once you have all your training. Billquick also has fabulous support team to help you should you have questions."
Use BQ for capturing hours and doing billing at an engineering firm BillQuick
Pinkham & Greer Civil Engineers
September, 2016
"Always helpful with any problems encountered. Can log in to help fix any issues that may arise."
Extremely learning experience on how a software can be unreliable BillQuick
September, 2016
"Retro numbers (closed periods) changing with approvals on expenses or an updated salary rate changing retroactively. Having to figure out if the way a report generated is actually giving the correct information. The "Red "X" of Death" when it is overloaded and shuts you out of the software. Not being able to changing the check box from billable to unbillable or reimbursable to not reimbursable even when there is nothing wrong with the entry. "
Excellent Tech Support BillQuick
September, 2016
"Absolutely the best tech support that I have ever experienced for a software product. Ease of use with QuickBooks is great."
Rare Personal Touch BillQuick
American Business Advisors Inc.
September, 2016
"Diego was very professional and friendly to work with. He took care of our needs in a timely manner."
Try it, you'll love it BillQuick
Sanderford & Carroll, PC
September, 2016
"This software is intuitive and very reliable. It interfaces seamlessly with QuickBooks for a complete accounting experience. In the rare event that I cannot generate a report or do not know how to best accomplish something, I put in a call or e-mail to BillQuick support and receive nearly immediate, courteous and helpful response. If needed, we do a "Go to Meeting" session to get things figured out. I have never been left hanging. It's nice to know there are real knowledgeable people there if I need them."
Easy to use, fair price, customer service is very responsive BillQuick
McIntosh Poris Associates
September, 2016
"The program training is quick and explained quite well. It integrates with Quick Books."
BillQuick is awesome! BillQuick
Quadriga Architecture and Plan
September, 2016
"That is works with QuickBooks and has great reports."
Excellent software/excellent service BillQuick
TriAxis Engineering Inc.
August, 2016
"The product is excellent and easy to understand. The support is truly the best I have ever encountered for a software vendor. The support staff has extended hours by phone, and frequently participates in the user's forum so you may have a question answered in the very late or wee hours of the morning. They are responsive and supportive in our efforts to make this program work for our company. We use Quickbooks accounting and Intuit payroll. The integration between Quickbooks and BillQuick has worked well thanks to the excellent help we received in the program setup from our assigned trainer. "
DeMarco & Nesi BillQuick
DeMarco & Nesi CPA's LLC
August, 2016
"It is user friendly. I taught myself how to use the program. BQE has good customer technical support."
Billing Contact Report BillQuick
August, 2016
"Multiple reports. Project Set up. Project Tracking."
Easy and convenient BillQuick
Artisan Renovation & Design
August, 2016
"It is very easy to use and is cost effective. We really feel that it simplifies our business processes. "
Customer Service Technical Support BillQuick
Oasis Associates, Inc.
August, 2016
"I have had to contact customer service - technical support at certain times, and each time I have happened to have Diego Carrillo assist me with my questions. His professionalism and expertise has always been above and beyond. He has always been so accommodating to assist my concern or questions. I always leave with more knowledge regarding Bill Quick. He displays excellence in his field and the vendor/software is superb."
Great software BillQuick
JHBR, Inc.
August, 2016
"I love the way it ties together everything project related. The reports you can generate are numerous and very helpful for project management and the office manager. It has been relatively easy to learn! I am a visual learner, and the training staff has allowed me to have hands on training. They have gone above and beyond in making sure you understand the hows and whys to the software. The support staff has been tremendously helpful with any questions I have had. They know their product very well."
Service is always great BillQuick
Source, Inc.
August, 2016
"The product does what you want and need it to do."
Consulting Civil Engineering, Survey and Planning Firm BillQuick
Williams & Works
August, 2016
"The technical support is very good and responsive. Any question asked, whether user-interface related, or IT-related is quickly resolved. "
Excellent product and support BillQuick
August, 2016
"Support is always easy to contact by phone or email and resolves issues quickly. Both WebSuite and BillQuick are very robust and meet all our company needs."
My BQE Experience BillQuick
Semler Brossy Consulting Group
August, 2016
"I like that BQE is user friendly and makes it possible for the entire company to enter their own time and expenses anywhere, anytime. I like that when there are updates to the system, users are informed. I really like that everything entered through the mobile app sinks right away into BQE. The technical support customer services is great. Even when someone is not sure of the answer, they research and get back to you. The support group is dedicated, knowledgeable and professional. Lenny is the best."
Great Product and Support BillQuick
Proyectos Ingenierķa S.R.L.
August, 2016
"I like that it is easy to use and the fact that it streamlines our billing and invoicing process."
Very interactive and easy to use software BillQuick
Quality & Compliance Services Inc
August, 2016
"Reporting part is very good. Accounts receivable and collection process is great."
BillQuick Review BillQuick
GUY Engineering
August, 2016
"The ability to accurately track time and expenses by job/phase, and run the appropriate reports, etc. to evaluate job profitability. Their is a large variety of invoicing template and report template options to choose from."
BillQuick can even make Non-IT office managers feel tech savvy BillQuick
Stromberg Garrigan & Associates, Inc.
August, 2016
"I like the ease of navigating the system and the user manual. I also like being able to get support when you really need it. I like the option to customize the system to fit your needs and the creation of different reports."
Easy to Use Billing Software BillQuick
W. J. Johnson & Associates
August, 2016
"The product is easy to use and to learn and the vendor has gone out of their way to make certain that our transition from Deltek to BillQuick was done seamlessly. Our sales representative, has followed us through the entire process to make certain that we received the proper amount of training and instructed on where to go to when we had questions regarding their software. The Technical Support Department does a great job of providing you with detail answers to your questions while you are on the phone with them. Love that person-to-person experience. "
BillQuick - A Great Product! BillQuick
Jordan Tempchin & Associates, PC
August, 2016
"I like how straightforward the product is and how responsive the BillQuick team is."
We have been users of BillQuick software since 2006 BillQuick
ABR, Inc.
August, 2016
"The software is very easy for the users to enter and navigate in, I also appreciate the ability to use SQL to modify reports and tables on your own without assistance. "
Best customer service and very easy to use software BillQuick
Resources Online
August, 2016
"BillQuick is very scalable. Our consultants are all over the country, we love Web Suite because it allows our employees work from their satellite offices. Imagine without BillQuick 120 plus consultants sending you paper time and expense sheets!! We are in the technology industry and we deal with different customer service from different vendors and I can say this with confidence BQE Customer service is awesome."
5 Star Program BillQuick
McLane Consulting, Inc.
August, 2016
"What I like best about BillQuick is the great customer service!"
SCS Feedback on BillQuick BillQuick
Statistical Consulting Service
August, 2016
"The BillQuick software is user friendly and the support staff is knowledgeable and helpful. They always take the time necessary to make sure that my problem is solved and my questions are answered."
Great software BillQuick
Pro-tech maintenance
August, 2016
"Quick books and intuit have always been the best way to help with your business and personal banking and accounting needs. Bill quick is a great way to keep you on track and money flowing. "
I have used BillQuick since 2005 BillQuick
Pivot Structural Engineering
August, 2016
"The product: affordable, flexible, and user friendly. Please take their free webinars to have a general idea first. its worth to get their Implementation and Training Services. When you have issues, call them immediately. We process monthly invoices within three days, so we have the rest of month to manage project budgets, employee performances, schedule project meetings, etc. The vendor: They have the BEST support team. They are always there to help me, I especially thank their assistant floor manager, Ricardo Andrade. He is always patient, friendly and supportive."
15 year old BillQuick power user. BillQuick
TRC Engineering
August, 2016
"TRC Engineering and BillQuick relationship goes a long way. We started using BillQuick in 1998 and have been happy with the product and their support is great. I actually attended their user conference in Vegas and it was great to see a enthusiastic team behind this powerful software"
Consulting Structural Engineering Firm BillQuick
Johnson Wilbur Adams, Inc
August, 2016
"We previously developed our own billing software using excell spreadsheets. Switching to BillQuick allowed us to automate our billing. We set up our projects (hourly, fixed and fixed not to exceed and phased projects) and our employees directly input their time into the software. Billing is reviewed on screen by the department supervisor and then by the project managers. Invoices are then created and either emailed or mailed to clients based on their preference. The software has allowed us to track project progress and accounts receivable. Statements are very easy to create using the standard reports. We rarely receive complaints or even questions from clients concerning our invoices."
Simply Amazing and the best software I have ever used BillQuick
Burnett & Young, Inc.
August, 2016
"I have been using BillQuick for over 10 years. I find their support to be very exceptional and there is no question they cannot answer. I love the fact employees can enter their time and expenses in their mobile app and attach expense receipts and this streamlines my billing and its very easy to use and crate batch invoices."
Billquick a great product for a small engineering firm. BillQuick
CSF Civil Group, LLC
August, 2016
"Affordability and support. Integrates well with QuickBooks. Lots of formatted reports. Always making great enhancement to their product."
BillQuick is an outstanding business partner! BillQuick
The Comdyn Group, Inc.
August, 2016
"The people at BillQuick always respond promptly to any questions or problems we have with just the right solution for the particular issue. I have used the product since 1999 - BillQuick presents a new version each year from input BillQuick users submit during the year - then during the year they continually update the program as needed."
BillQuick Review BillQuick
Realogic Analytics, Inc.
August, 2016
"Report Customization Developers. Good Customer Service."
Simple, yet very powerful time billing and project management solution BillQuick
David Robert Crawford, Architect AIA
August, 2016
"In 1999, when we bought BillQuick it was a small company but with a bunch of hardworking and dedicated people behind it. I had no doubt in my mind back then this company will have nothing but the success. 17 years today we are still using BillQuick and all these years BQE has worked on perfecting this software to give its users easy to use time and expense tracking and billing. Love their customer service team and I still remember some of the support engineers by name because they are still with the company."
We are very pleased with this product. BillQuick
DeGasperi & Associates
August, 2016
"The program is user friendly and the support is very very good. Been using this program for years. The program is easy to understand and if you ever need technical support they are very helpful."
Consultants Use and Experience utilizing BillQuick software products BillQuick
Western States Land Services, Inc.
August, 2016
"We needed an integrated billing software that would incorporate our employee daily time accounts into a singular data base that would produce customized invoices to our clients. BillQuick meets this need and has many useful extensions to provide extended data requested by our clients regarding our services and costs."
Long time user. Works like a charm. BillQuick
Giovanetti-Shulman Associates
August, 2016
"The kind of reporting that's available in BillQuick is amazing. We even have some custom reports that they designed for us and we love them."
Love the flexibility of BillQuick! 15 years and counting... BillQuick
Mason & Stanfield, Inc.
August, 2016
"By far the best customer service we have experienced. Strength of BillQuick is in its flexibility to customize the invoices and statements. We used to do everything including time billing and project management in Excel and send invoices using MS Word. After switching to BillQuick in 2001 we are able to keep track of our time on projects to the minute it is spent, it has helped us fill in the cracks which resulted in accurate and efficient billing."
Started our journey with BQE 10 years back and we are loving it! BillQuick
MBV Engineering, Inc.
August, 2016
"BillQuick is powerful software and in general it has helped improve the productivity in the office. It used to take us days to do billing in Excel. BillQuick has cut down that tedious billing process significantly. Our Project Managers are happy because they have everything they need about their project in on location which is Project Center. Recording time and expenses using web suite and mobile apps has made it possible to see the real time project progress. There are several different invoice templates in the software and we have a very unique format that we need to send our invoices on and BillQuick created a custom invoice template for us which fits our needs. We are dealing with different customer service on our other software and I think there support is top class and definitely a customer service driven company"
BillQuick has done the job for our firm! BillQuick
Oscar N. Harris & Associates, P.A.
August, 2016
"The support team has gone above and beyond to work out any issues that we have had along the way including writing special reports that we have needed."
This is the best software I have ever used over 38 years! BillQuick
Mary Lou
hemmler+camayd architects
August, 2016
"I could never pick one particular item about this product and vendor that I like the best. The complete software package is so versatile, user friendly, and accurate. The vendor service provided is due is beyond compare with any other company I have worked with. Their expertise, promptness and patience any time I've needed assistance directly relates to their mission of taking very good care of me as a customer, ensuring I meet my daily work target. I've been using BillQuick for 6+ years and needed tech support twice. Problem solved within 5 minutes and right back on track!"
Great software Time Billing and Project Management Software BillQuick
Murphy Burr Curry, Inc.
August, 2016
"Ease of use is what I can think of right away when it comes BillQuick. We have been using BillQuick for 19 years now and it is doing what we have been looking for in terms of Time, Expense Tracking, Batch Billing and robust reporting. Their technical support is best out there and the fact they listen to the customer needs is always a plus."
BillQuick User for 12 years BillQuick
Caveo Inc
August, 2016
"Time management, invoicing, reports and syncing with QuickBooks. Good support especially on customized reports"
Have used this product for over 10 years and is very happy with it. BillQuick
Pacific Geotechnical Engineers, Inc.
August, 2016
"Very friendly people, easy to learn, and fast support response."
The softer is great smome times the reporting gives us hardtime. BillQuick
SMR Consulting Group
August, 2016
"If there is any issues whether users issue or software issues, they address issues right away."
My experience with this product has been excellent from the beginning. BillQuick
MEP Engineering, Inc.
August, 2016
"This product is project based which is great for the A/E industry. BQE provides great support and is always available when we call for support."
Great product! BillQuick
Waterman Design Associates,Inc
August, 2016
"It does exactly what we need it to do and the vendor is quick to respond with any questions, no run around. Ease of use for new employees with very little training."
BillQuick, an outstanding product for professional service firms! BillQuick
JHA Companies
August, 2016
"We switched to Bill Quick at just the right time! It allowed us to respond to client demanded invoice templates and enabled us to continue to grow without adding additional back office support staff. The mobile app is also great for time and expense entry and so is web suite for all our remote offices and mobile staff. Billing can be accomplished quickly with this product!"
Organized, efficient, and intuitive BillQuick
Classic Consulting Engineers & Surveyors, LLC
August, 2016
"I like the base program and included reports but I really like that the reports can be customized. Very important for my invoice formatting."
Worked with BillQuick for the past 6 years BillQuick
TriMedia Environmental & Engineering
August, 2016
"Overall it is a pretty easy system to use, it also interacts with Quickbooks nicely."
BillQuick user for over 10 years BillQuick
Inventrix Engineering, Inc.
August, 2016
"BillQuick is simple to use for the majority of our employees who do basic time and expense entry. It has user friendly functionality and their online tutorials and webinars help our company maximize the software's capabilities. If I ever have a question or concern their customer service is the best I have experienced."
Excellent software program, has been beneficial! BillQuick
S&P Consultants, Inc.
July, 2016
"Our employees are based all over the country, this program is very user friendly and their support is excellent! Any time I call for support, I am able to speak with someone immediately. If they cannot provide a quick solution, they research the issue and always come back with a resolution in a very short time frame."
A well rounded time and billing system BillQuick
EnviroScience, Inc
July, 2016
"The system is very comprehensive and flexible. We've got a number of divisions that each operate quite differently and BQ handles them all. In a few cases, the BQ staff have been able to work with us to provide customization that proved very helpful. Training and support is an area where BQ really shines. You can always get helpful support when you need it. We also value that the software is DCAA compliant."
Fast start up and economical BillQuick
Ampirical Solutions
July, 2016
"Very economical. It makes T&M billing very simple."
BillQuick is the way to go! BillQuick
John Staurulakis, Inc.
July, 2016
"There are many facets that I love about BillQuick, it's hard to pick one. Its ease of use is high on my list along with price. We have been using BQ for almost 14 years, and I have seen great leaps and bounds since December 2002. An upgrade is released every year in which BQ tries to stuff as many improvements as they can, many requested by their customers. BQ is always looking for ways to improve, this software never remains static."
Bill Quick Rocks! BillQuick
KLM Planning Partners Inc.
July, 2016
"We really like the software because it is really user friendly and the customer service at Bill Quick is outstanding. We were really amazed that Bill Quick was able to set us up remotely and everything was absolutely seamless. We were a little skeptical at first because we are located in Canada but that wasn't an issue at all. We also like how easy it is for Bill Quick to integrate with Quick Books."
HPA Billquick services BillQuick
July, 2016
"good program, responsive customer service. havent had any major issues"
Professional Services Software BillQuick
Cornerstone Earth Group
July, 2016
"Billquick offers inexpensive, customizable invoices and reports, which lets us run our company the way we want. We can customize invoices to meet our clients needs, and get the reports we need to make our firm more efficient."
I was having a problem with emailing invoices. BillQuick
Roberts Civil Engineering, PC
July, 2016
"The software is all inclusive and has many facets of managing our engineering business."
Great experience and great people! BillQuick
The Source Group, Inc.
July, 2016
"User friendly and support staff is great if you get stuck."
Review of a time and expense product for everyone BillQuick
Gallagher & Turchi, P.C.
July, 2016
"The product is extremely user friendly. Employees, young and senior age, have no problem using the product to accomplish their daily activities. BillQuick conducts, at no cost, frequent training sessions where participants are encouraged to learn time saving ways to use applications. Employees in their tech department have a deep knowledge of the software. Their goal is to assist in what you want the application do. Tell the tech people what you want and they will get it done. "No problem" is their attitude. BillQuick has the best product at an economical price that I have found."
Mary Bendik's Support Review BillQuick
Al-Terra Engineering Ltd.
July, 2016
"Mary is very knowledgeable and always makes me feel better after I'm done talking to her because I actually understand how to solve the problems now. With other support staff I always end up really frustrated because they can't answer my question or they explain something to me that wasn't my question. And when I try to explain that wasn't what I was asking they tend to start being very condescending with me. Now when I have questions I always automatically go to Mary because she has never failed me yet!"
BillQuick - the best solution BillQuick
Bailey Valuations Inc.
July, 2016
"Versatility of the product, ease of use, seamless integration with Quickbooks, superior low-cost support and most importantly, the increase in revenues because time capture works so well. I have used BillQuick since 2008 and it just keeps getting better."
I love BillQuick. It is easy to get the information & reports BillQuick
Johnson & Pace Incorporated
July, 2016
"Customer service and tech support is outstanding. I love how easy BillQuick is to make changes or corrections to projects, time, etc."
BillQuick Review BillQuick
Nursing Consultation Services, Ltd.
July, 2016
"Customer service has been wonderful with any questions I have come up against."
Positive experience BillQuick
Process Research Ortech Inc.
July, 2016
"The product is simple to use and easy to integrate with other accounting software. Vendor support is effective and efficient. "
The Web Suite 2015 has terrible Usability for Time-Sheets entry BillQuick
Paradigm Geophysical
July, 2016
"GUI looks good until you start using it. Management is inspired by BQ reporting features, but end-users suffer a lot if they use Web Suite."
The BEST!!! BillQuick
Eric Miller Architects, Inc.
July, 2016
"It provides many beneficial functions, it is user-friendly and support has been the extremely helpful, patient and built my confidence in using Bill Quick."
Time Entry Saved BillQuick
Flowers & Associates, Inc.
July, 2016
"It works very well and I so appreciate being able to speak to someone immediately when I have an issue. We are mostly using this software for time management"
Fantastic time-billing software! BillQuick
Gilbert Association Management
July, 2016
"The flexibility it has in generating reports and the technical support from staff was terrific."
Excellent Experience with BillQuick and BQE BillQuick
Project Management Advisors
July, 2016
"User friendly and accomplishes exactly what we need for our professional services company. Technical support is exceptional."
Great Addition BillQuick
Pacific Crest Engineering Inc.
July, 2016
"Ease of use! I caught on to the program very quickly."
I have been very pleased with BillQuick meeting our needs BillQuick
DiscoverReady LLC
June, 2016
"On the IT side of things the Product is very easy to install/upgrade and maintain. The Vendor has been very supportive and attentive to our needs."
We wish we had switched to BillQuick sooner! BillQuick
Law Office of Michael Satris
June, 2016
"Even though we are a very small law firm (two attorneys), transitioning to BillQuick nevertheless saves us several hours weekly. Our time/expense tracking and billing is now streamlined and seamless. BillQuick allows us to reduce our administrative costs by significant gains in efficiency and (just as important) has vastly reduced the amount of manual date entry, making for much happier, more productive administrative staff."
Saved by the BQE team! BillQuick
USI Consulting Engineers, Inc.
June, 2016
"Customer Support from Sales to Technical is some of the best encountered. The commitment to ongoing product enhancements and upgrades is also a great feature."
Big Fan of BillQuick BillQuick
Litigation Insights, Inc
May, 2016
"Ease of use for timekeepers on WebSuite and for accounting staff in BillQuick. You can quickly export data to Excel or change parameters on reports. With both reports and on-screen review, there are numerous options to select/filter information. We don't have to contact tech support very often. But when we do, we never have to wait long to connect with a person who knows the product and can assist."
Overall, BillQuick is fine. Lots of problems with Agent and WebSuite BillQuick
April, 2016
"Technical Support is available, that's great. You can do some project management."