"We've been using BillQuick for a few years now and have been happy with it. We were using Deltek Advantage before but they stopped supporting it in favor of going to Vision. However, Deltek Vision was just too much to handle for a smaller sized office like us. After surviving the 2008 recession, we started looking around for a program which would do what Advantage did. Not too surprisingly we found out that not a lot of accounting software companies catered to the architectural profession. And then we found BillQuick which did exactly what we were looking for, and was affordable.

The online trainings have been really convenient and helpful. Recently, our bookkeeper asked us if she could have an in-house training session for a more personal training session. We had our first on-site training with Scott McKissock and it went very well! Scott was very pleasant to work with and, as expected, it was much better than the online training. He was very engaging while talking about the product and helping us customize our setup. The online training is not bad at all, but we wish we had done this sooner. Sometimes, it is just really nice to have someone come in and discuss how to use the software."

Alan T Tomasi, AIA, LEED AP

"During my years in business I have encountered many types of companies. Unfortunately, most of them barely provide the product or services required to complete their obligations. From the first moment I spoke with you I could tell that BillQuick was NOT one of those companies. BillQuick continues to astound me with a top-notch product, unsurpassed customer service, and by providing useful and innovative product updates.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your company for the fine job they have done for us. I honestly cannot think of another vendor who has performed as well as BillQuick. Not only is the product itself an absolute lifesaver in the world of billing, but the training has been top notch. Any customer armed with both is well on the way to phenomenal efficiency in billing, and getting themselves paid much faster. BillQuick has my vote and will continue to get positive references from me, as they have earned every one.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of the hard work, and look forward to many more years of working together. Thanks again."

Joneah Johnson

"In my journey, I have used, designed and tested many software apps. I have found that BillQuick is the very best because it essentially guides us from Project Start to Completion. It is a major part of the success with our clients and accounts."

Arthur Fair

"Using BillQuick has significantly reduced the time required to do our billing; what used to take me 10 hours, now only takes me 6 minutes."

Darla Metheny

Carla from Alpha EMC

Carla explains how BillQuick helped her firm bring the billing days down from 20 to 4.

"Switching to BillQuick has enabled us to capture every dollar that will ultimately become revenue. We're not missing anything. We know what it costs to keep the lights on. We know what it costs to run a project. Everyone in the organization knows where we stand."

Allen A. Sabins

"I would have to say that of all of the software that we use in the daily operation of our business, the purchase and use of BillQuick has had the most dramatic effect on our bottom line. Highly recommended!"

Al Truss

Jim from Metrics Marketing Group

Jim Sutherland, CFO Metrics Marketing Group discusses the impact BillQuick and Web Suite have had on their business.

"I recommend anybody who is considering a more expensive, complicated system to take a look at this software before you think you need to spend thousands to get the tools you need to track and bill within the professional services industry."

Judy Ashley

"The Select Items in reports will save me the cost of BillQuick each month. It is mind boggling when you custom Autocomplete and process 20+ invoices at once, in a few seconds."

Mike Block

BillQuick Customer - Marilyn Sudbeck, CPA, PC

Marilyn Sudbeck, CPA explains how one of her clients fell in love with BillQuick.

"BillQuick has been very helpful in billing, the time gets transferred to QuickBooks and just this process alone has cut the time it takes to bill our customers in half."

Arlene Nelson

"I have found BQE to be consistently more helpful than any other software provider. Today Mike helped me through a problem quickly and efficiently. It's good to know there is a company with help like this. Thank you."

Greg Greer

BBillQuick Customer - James Gardner from Building Science Corporation

Watch James Gardner, from Building Science Corporation talk about BillQuick and DCAA Compliance.

"I've mentioned this before, but especially in this economy I highly recommend anyone heading out on their own (or looking to maximize their bucks) to look at BillQuick. They are geared more towards service industries (and specifically architects!) than other packages, and for the price - you can't beat them!

Their philosophy seems to be the same as DataCAD (listen to the users, give the users what they want, and build on those desires), they respond almost immediately to questions and comments, and they will bend over backwards for the users.

And, just like DataCAD, they offer a 30-day trial. After the 30 day trial they won't lock you out of what you've put in, but will dumb down to a (still very robust) "Lite" version that is free. And they tie into QuickBooks effortlessly!

My Account Manager (Samina) is always available, and has really worked hard to not only get me up and running on it, but follows up with what more she could do or answer to get me back to what I love to do (draw) and what they do best (time and billing FOR me).

This is a little long-winded, but I'm as rabid about BillQuick as I am about DataCAD. For me, they are two of the most important programs that I need to maximize my time as a single proprietor:

At least TRY them - I think you'll find for the cost they can't be beat!"

Alan T. Hendry, RA

"We have always been pleased with your programs, information, and especially your well trained/knowledgeable staffs. You have a great team of professionals. I enjoy working with all of them."

Betty C. Tain

"Although I have worked with many support centers, the BillQuick support center is the best. Each time I have called, your staff has very patiently walked me through my issue. I am completely blown away by how responsive your staff is. Keep up the great work!"

Wendy Mackie

"I have to say I have not experienced such a high level of support or such a quick response on any other software we have ever purchased - excellent."

John Hamilton

"Having been a user of your BillQuick program since 2003, I am extremely pleased with its ease of use and the efficiency it has brought to my billing of clients."

Ralph Gardner

"The integration between BQE and QB is seamless and BillQuick consultants are great at getting you set up and running, all using remote access."

Bryan E. Bailey

"BillQuick handles our traditional and non-traditional services with ease. Flexibility is great."

Alan Fox

"We are blown away by not just the quantity but also the quality of reports and invoices that are pre-loaded into this system. With so many templates to choose from, we always find what we are looking for."

Nelson Filmore

"Wizards guide most of the initial setup of clients, staff, projects and rates. The program opens to an inviting interface that uses a customizable navigation screen as the default work area."

The CPA Technology Advisor

"You'll definitely make more money with BillQuick. Charging for your labor has never been easier than with this powerhouse that shows your projects, clients, rates and expenses. A click here and a click there creates the perfect record of your efforts."

Ed Rasimus

"BillQuick has all of the information available for a project manager to analyze his or her projects through earned value method."

Brad Wilson

"BillQuick's user interface is excellent, with easy-to-read fields, right-click capabilities and explanatory descriptions. It offers a wide breadth of customized functions in an intuitive, easy-to use package."

Susan Barnett

This library of real-life stories illustrates how BillQuick has helped businesses reach tangible results and bottom line benefits.

Image: PeopleLitigation Insights
Enjoys Modern Functionality of BillQuick Legal
"BillQuick Legal is a solid product with great support and reasonable price."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleOne LLP
All-in-One Billing and Accounting System with Data Integrity
"BillQuick Legal is very user-friendly and we can get customized and accurate reports on demand."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeoplePacific Groundwater Group, Inc.
Efficient Billing and Shortened Accounts Receivable Cycle
"BillQuick Made Billing Fun Again!"
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleUnited Engineering Resources
Improves Cash Flow by Reducing Invoice Processing Time by 70%
"BillQuick was the only vendor that met all of our criteria for efficient management of project invoices utilizing time and expense, lump sum, and guaranteed maximum price billing formats."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleTownsends Business & Corporate Lawyers
Increases Productivity and Visibility
"BillQuick is streets ahead of other time billing solutions"
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleHarrison Infrastructure Group
Save Time and Money by Analyzing Reports
"Over the past three years, BillQuick has not only given HIG a clearer picture of their current revenue stream, but provided the ability to forecast revenue and create accurate financial projections quickly and easily. After implementing BillQuick, their profitability has remarkably soared by an impressive 300% in three years."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleBailey Valuations Inc.
Reduce Invoicing Time by 80% and Increase Revenue by 20%
"BillQuick is completely transparent since the billing detail is very easy to enter, simple to understand, and the clients rarely question an invoice when they have the details."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleRombald Inc.
Improve Profits by Customizing Reports and Managing Multiple Projects
"What I like most about BillQuick is that it gives us a detailed and up-to-date summary of each project. BillQuick is one of the important software tools Rombald has implemented to manage our growth. Without products like BillQuick, managing our growth would have been a difficult and tedious process."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleJohnson & Pace
Increase Efficiency and Morale by Spending Less
Johnson & Pace has saved an incredible amount of money by implementing BillQuick. Here is what they accomplished with BillQuick:

  • Cut administrative staff overhead by 50%; reduced time spent on invoicing.
  • Trimmed roughly $195,000 per year from IT staff overhead; freed up one IT person and outside consultant to focus on other areas of the business instead of accounting.
  • Cut one employee's overtime by 60 hours per month, which allowed her to return to a 40-hour work week.

View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleAmpirical
$300k to $10 Million The Six Year Jump
"BillQuick sped up the invoicing process immensely because all the required information for our workflow is kept in one spot. Previously, we kept time and expense entries in QuickBooks and we had to sync time. Now we've eliminated that step entirely. Our cash flow has improved due to faster cycle time."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleEsposito Design Associates
Switching from Sema4 to BillQuick Gets Better Business Visibility — and More Revenue
"With Sema4, everything was in its own little quadrant and you had to do a full search to get one field of results. Switching to BillQuick has enabled us to capture every dollar that will ultimately become revenue. We’re not missing anything. We know what it costs to keep the lights on. We know what it costs to run a project. Everyone in the organization knows where we stand."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: People Project Engineering Consultants, Ltd.
It cost us less than Deltek and actually does more
"I looked at a similar multi-office solution from Deltek, letting each office do time entry and billing. Deltek wanted to custom program this for us at eight times more than the cost of BillQuick and Web Suite. And we still would not have had the same functionality as BillQuick and Web Suite. That's the funny thing about BillQuick. It cost us less than Deltek and actually does more."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Learn how other successful professional services firms are improving performance & managing growth using BillQuick. Large enterprise firms to small businesses are leveraging BillQuick solutions to improve productivity and maximize profitability. Read their success stories.

Image: PeopleOlson Lewis Dioli & Doktor, Architects & Planners
BillQuick gives us a very simple, cost effective solution to time tracking and billing
"The web interface for user's timesheets removed all the barriers and excuses the staff had for doing time sheets. The ability to track the cost of a project has improved our ability to quote projects profitably. We now have two plus years of solid cost data to base future project budgets on."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: PeopleKevin Harris Architect, LLC
Being an Architect and the Business of Architecture...
"That's why we like BillQuick. It is the easiest way we've found to support the business of architecture for professionals busy being architects..."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: People Sundown Computer Consultants
BillQuick: A Perfect Solution for My Clients...
"I have recommended BillQuick above all competitors for professionals who bill for their time. My efforts with BillQuick would have been easy enough because the product stands on its own merits; however, I soon discovered that BillQuick is backed by a friendly, knowledgeable staff in California - their commitment is obvious, and their professionalism is refreshing. Anyone looking for a time and billing solution would do themselves and their clients a disservice if they don't consider BillQuick..."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: People AccuServ Construction Administration Services
BillQuick: It Pays for Itself...
"BillQuick saves me countless hours a month and we have all the reports we need to manage our billings better. If the report isn't there it only takes a few minutes to create it with the report designer and the excellent filters available. The time clocks (timers) are great, no more time lost or not logged. A history of projects is just a click or two away..."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: People David Knoble, CPA, PLLC
We have experienced six direct, measurable benefits to our firm from the use of BillQuick.
"My CPA practice is focused on engineering consulting firms. My corporate experience was centered in an eight-year stint as the CFO for a large engineering consulting firm. Both experiences have exposed me to either very expensive, elaborate financial software systems or mass market, inflexible systems that are really fancy automated checkbooks...and then [one day] one of my clients hit pay dirt..."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: People The Saxon Accounting Group
BillQuick has been the answer for my clients...
"My CPA practice is focused on engineering consulting firms. My corporate experience was centered in an eight-year stint as the CFO for a large engineering consulting firm. Both experiences have exposed me to either very expensive, elaborate financial software systems or mass market, inflexible systems that are really fancy automated checkbooks...and then [one day] one of my clients hit pay dirt..."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

Image: People Fox and Fiorino, P.A.
Looking for a Better Way
"Any solution we bring into our firm has to do one thing: Make us money. That requirement applies to practice management software as much as tax preparation, consulting or valuation analysis software. While we were evaluating BillQuick, three things stood out over the competing packages: ease of operation, good value and excellent support..."
View Complete Article | .pdf^

2016 Accountex User Favorite Award - Best Project Management

"The Accountex User Favorite Awards, presented in partnership with AccountingWEB, are the unbiased and most coveted of accounting technology awards as they are decided by the users themselves in a thorough comparison landscape against direct competitors."

Accountex Logo
View Complete Article

2016 Winner - K2 Customer Satisfaction Award

"BQE Software is the proud recipient of the 2016 K2 Quality Award for Customer Satisfaction, for the third consecutive year. BQE's Support & Services Department is recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty to provide high quality customer service resulting in strong customer satisfaction."

K2 Logo
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2015 Winner - Capterra's 4 Outstanding Project Management Software Awards

"The Sleeter Group's Awesome Application Program is a competition largely for accounting software. However, this year's pick also functions as a project management tool. BQE BillQuick is good for both small and large firms as it offers scalable solutions to choose from. This project management software solution is great for firms who need accounting integrations, offering compatibility with Intuit, Microsoft, Sage, and MYOB."

Capterra Logo
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2015 Winner - K2 Customer Satisfaction Award

"BQE Software proudly announces that its flagship product BillQuick, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, has won the K2 Customer Satisfaction Award for the second year in a row. As the repeat winner of this prestigious award, the BQE team is consistently recognized for delivering excellent service that exceeds customers' expectations."

K2 Logo
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2015 Technology Innovation Award Finalist - CPA Practice Advisor

"As the pinnacle of recognition for technology vendors serving the tax and accounting profession, the awards recognize exceptional product development, breakthrough technologies, state of the art design and implementation, and cutting edge concepts that help accounting professionals and their clients be more productive and profitable."

CPA Tech Advisor Logo
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2015 Winner - Sleeter Awesome Application Award

"BillQuick has been awarded the '2015 Awesome Application Award' for the fifth time by The Sleeter Group, an accounting technology company dedicated to helping accountants and small businesses achieve greater efficiencies and higher profits. It is a repeat winner of the 'Awesome' award because the product serves the professional services business so well."

The Sleeter Group Logo
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2014 Winner - K2 Customer Satisfaction Award

"BillQuick has won the 'K2 Quality Award' for Customer Satisfaction by K2 Enterprises, the preeminent provider of technology-focused education to accountants and other professionals. Winning this prestigious award clearly indicates that BillQuick is the true leader in project-based accounting software for professional businesses."

K2 Logo
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Review of BillQuick 2014 - CPA Practice Advisor

"BillQuick is a comprehensive and powerful time and billing solution that has matured over more than a decade to meet the very specific needs of accounting firms and other professional services firms. The underlying databases can support virtually any number of users, clients and projects, especially those needing job tracking and reporting features."

CPA Tech Advisor Logo
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2013 Winner - Sleeter Awesome Application Award

"The Sleeter Group, the largest network of small business accounting technology and business process design consultants in the country, has named BillQuick 2012 as one of their 2013 Awesome Application Award recipients. This award signifies that BillQuick has truly cemented itself as one of the most productive and effective technologies on the market, known for consistently exceeding the highest standards of design and ease-of use while aligning with appropriate accounting standards."

The Sleeter Group Logo
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Review of BillQuick 2012 - CPA Practice Advisor

"On the market for more than 16 years and with a growing U.S. and global user base, BillQuick is among the more mature and fully seasoned time and billing systems available to the accounting profession, offering automated timekeeping, invoicing and project cost management. BillQuick offers a comprehensive time and billing system, with excellent support for project management, detailed control over time and expense tracking, good AR and AP functionality and extensively customizable invoicing functions. Although a powerful tool, the system maintains a user friendly interface and navigation features."

CPA Tech Advisor Logo
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2012 Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Award Finalist - CPA Practice Advisor

"CPA Practice Advisor's editorial advisory board and awards committee, which include thought leaders within the profession and accounting and tax professionals from across the country, selected BillQuick 2012 as finalist. The awards are designed to honor new or recently enhanced technologies that benefit professionals and their client relationships by streamlining workflow, providing increased accessibility, improving client collaboration and other means."

CPA Tech Advisor Award
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2012 American Business Awards Finalist - The Stevie Awards

"BillQuick 2012 was named a Finalist in the New Product Awards & Product Management category in the 10th annual Stevie Awards® for Best New Business-to-Business Products. The final placement of Gold, Silver or Bronze Stevie Award winner will be presented at the tech awards Gala in San Francisco on September 17, 2012. BQE BillQuick was selected out of more than 3,000 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry."

Stevie-Award-Finalist Logo
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Review of BillQuick 2011 - CPA Practice Advisor

"First released in 1996, BillQuick is an automated timekeeping, billing and project management software with a large user base among many professional services industries, including accounting, architectural, legal and consulting. It comes in four different editions, with each offering additional features: Lite, Basic, Pro and Enterprise. Depending on the edition, BillQuick runs on either a Microsoft Access database, Microsoft SQL Express or SQL Server. The single-user Lite version is free and is the number one time and billing software downloaded from BillQuick can be installed on a single-user system, a peer-to-peer network or on a network server environment."

CPA Tech Advisor Logo
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