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"ArchiOffice is so well targeted to the workflow in an architectural office that we have found it extremely easy to use. This is refreshing after dealing with other products that are supposedly aimed at the AEC market. Also, it is truly friendly to a cross-platform computing environment. Most importantly, we feel we are dealing with friendly, smart people who actually use the program themselves, and are committed to making it better and better as time goes on."
Robert Dean, AIA

"ArchiOffice is a really superb piece of software, brilliantly thought out and organized, comprehensive, clever, easy to use, and attractive."
John Lewis, RIBA

"This is the product we have been waiting for. The support and help given to us in the UK has been exemplary. Our Directors are extremely impressed with the power and ease of use of the product."
Graham Lobb, RIBA

"We implemented ArchiOffice when we opened our doors. It has been a wonderful tool to assist us in getting started and keep us running."
Douglas Gallow, AIA

"We had used a few systems to record our time but nothing really catered for the way an Architect works, apart from products suited to large corporations, nothing decent for the small practice. Along came ArchiOffice. I became quite excited when I found it and followed the progress of the product from its infancy, even contributing a little feedback when using the early Demo, which was received and acted upon with remarkable enthusiasm. This product is really a fantastic management tool that can easily be tailored to suit any size of architectural practice."
Simon Cuttle, RIBA

"ArchiOffice is THE comprehensive, management tool developed for the way we, as architects, manage projects and our offices."
Jeff Hecker, AIA

"As a start-up firm we were drawn to ArchiOffice as a way to standardize our approach to various task - billing, tracking time and even the creation of documents (such as transmittals, etc.). We have been very pleased with the results. We appreciate the support staff's willingness to work through questions we have encountered."
Andrew Rosenthal, AIA

"ArchiOffice is a pleasure to use. It's intuitive. By bringing time and billing into one program, we have had a massive increase in invoicing with the same workload. The real-time information on profitability of projects is enlightening. ArchiOffice has pushed us to work faster and made our practice far more profitable."
Jake Edgley

"ArchiOffice is the only tool I know that is so well architect- oriented."
Peter Geraerts

"ArchiOffice is user friendly and has increased our productivity. Having the ability to view the project status at a glance is indispensable. The Invoice and billing data is terrific! We appreciate the quick response from the support team."
Jennifer Moore

"ArchiOffice is a very substantial product and provides the thoroughness of managing an Architectural practice."
Brian Ahearn, Director of Operations

"ArchiOffice integrates and organize a number of tasks specific to architects. Integrating all the functions such as contacts, calendar, time tracking, accounting, data management and office management is an enormous undertaking yet ArchiOffice has figured it out."
Andrew Rook

"We love that ArchiOffice generates and recalls all our documents, especially email. The ability to connect related emails to the job is a huge part of why we use ArchiOffice."
Stan Clark, AIA

"We love ArchiOffice's intuitive user interface. The layout and content is much better than any of your competitors. I know, I spent 6 months evaluating 4 other products before choosing ArchiOffice. We have benefited greatly from the ability to plan projects, customize checklists, assign tasks to employees and evaluate our level of completion."
Andrew Moore, Director

"ArchiOffice is very comprehensive, and reasonably easy to implement and use. It is clearly designed specifically for the needs of Architects and is highly scalable with an excellent price structure."
Charles Leman, AIBC

"ArchiOffice addresses all of the aspects of my practice. In the past, our client database and calendar were separate programs from our accounting and project management. As a principal, I appreciate the ease invoicing and seeing the activity of each staff member."
Steven Spurlock, AIA

This library of real-life stories illustrates how ArchiOffice has helped businesses reach tangible results and bottom line benefits.

Tim Bennetton Architects
Tim Bennetton, Director/Owner
"I love the way ArchiOffice was set up to be easily used by architects"
Download Article | Architectural Firm Achieves Project Efficiency and Speeds Up Cash Flow

Edmiston Jones
Lesley Drysdale, Account Manager
"Productivity has increased as we spend less time on managing projects"
Download Article | Architectural Firm Uses Integrated System to Shorten Monthly Billing Cycle

William Duff Architects (11 employees)
William Duff, Jr. Principal and Founder
"We have saved an estimated 8 hours of Principal level time and 16 hours of administrative billable time per month or about $3,160 per month, which is nearly $40,000 per year"
Download Article | Architectural Firm Increases Revenue While Decreasing Accounts Receivable Workload

Vertical Arts (19 employees)
Matt Parker
"ArchiOffice is just a great billing and project management software—to be able to go to one place and see all your time, all your budgets, all your invoices and transactions, it just streamlines the administrative side significantly"
Download Article | Architectural Firm Streamlines Processes By Invoicing Faster & Organizing Projects Better

ArchitectureWorks, LLC (20 employees)
Michael McLure, Business Manager
"ArchiOffice paid for itself in just two short months. Our ability to more accurately keep track of - and bill for- the time spent on each project has had a significant impact on our revenues and our bottom line. We've seen a 20% increase in revenues as a result."
Download Article | Architectural Firm Streamlines Key Management Functions

Nodus, LLC (10 employees)
Gregory M. Mullin, AIA, Principal
"ArchiOffice is indispensable. Without ArchiOffice, we'd be struggling to make it all come together. The value this solution has provided has been immeasurable."
Download Article | Architectural Firm Increases Efficiency of Core Operations

John Hutchison Architect LLC (3 employees)
John Hutchison Architect, Principal
Read how John Hutchison evaluated numerous competing applications. Since choosing ArchiOffice invoicing is not only more accurate but revenues have increased by 25%. Hutchison himself, the Principal in the firm, has seen his billable hours increase by 15%.
Download Article | Billable Hours up 15% and Revenues Increased 25%

Harrison French & Associates, LTD (100+ employees)
Larry Lott, AIA, President & Co
Read how this firm of more than 100 employees uses ArchiOffice and found tremendous productivity gains. Not only do Project Managers have greater visibility into work in progress, but since ArchiOffice links production data with accounting information, they can monitor and manage project budgets and staff.
Download Article | Rapidly Growing Firm Integrates Finances with Production