EngineerOffice - Simply Beautiful Business Intelligence

EngineerOffice is a time tracking and billing, project management software made by engineers, for engineers. It eases your unique demands of managing projects and people with an intuitive, streamlined design that works beautifully across your desktop, iPhone®, iPad® or Android device.

Imagine all the disparate pieces of information you deal with brilliantly organized so you always have what you need, when you need it—wherever you are. EngineerOffice is as elegant as your designs.

EngineerOffice Will Help You:

  • Quickly and efficiently provide principals, project managers and entire staff essential information they need
  • Apply all your creativity to the projects you design, instead of figuring out how to manage them
  • Make your firm stand out as professional, efficient and on the leading edge of technology
  • Reduce client confusion with invoices created the way engineers want and clients expect
  • Scalable application to fit your firm's needs with EngineerOffice Basic, Pro and Enterprise editions
  • Eliminate misfiled documents and the precious hours looking for them
  • Consistently deliver the highest quality of work to your clients on the schedule you need
  • Remember every important Task, even by Phase

Ease-of-Use Highlights:

Organized Dashboard

Monitor Key Performance Indicators like Time and Expense Tracking, Project Performance and Profitability.

  • Access via Intranet and Internet
  • Access via iPhone, iPad or Android Device
  • Easily Export Data
  • Streamlined Interface and Selective Use of Color Ensures Users Can Easily Spot Items that Need Attention
  • Search and Filter for Quick Access to Specific Data
  • Manage Documents
  • Customize Project Folder Locations
  • Archive and Restore Projects with Related Time, Expense and Payment Infomation

Time and Expense Tracking Highlights:

Clear Time and Expense Tracking

Quickly review Time and Expenses by Project or Employee on a single screen.

  • Employees Only See Assigned Active Projects
  • Simple, Intelligent Time Sheet Entry
  • Unlimited Length Notes for Time and Expenses
  • Personal Time Off Tracking
  • Billable/Non-Billable Flag
  • Reimbursable to Employee Flag
  • Easily Hold Selected Time or Expenses From Being Invoiced
  • On/Off Timer
  • Project Task Selection
  • Link Receipts, Pictures and Files to Expenses
  • Approve for Billing
  • Employee Day Viewer

Project Management Highlights:

Project Phase Estimation:

Watch status of Tasks by Phase, track progress and compare budgeted hours and costs against actual. Identify profit centers, and prepare competitive and realistic fee proposals.

  • Track Estimate vs. Budget vs. Actual
  • Customize Phases and Job Codes On-the-fly
  • Manage Consultant Fees
  • Customize Fields
  • Create Secure Notes for Projects and Contacts
  • Project Charts
  • Standard Form 330 Discipline and Experience Fields
  • Live Access to All Project Documents
  • Track % Complete in Budgets
  • Track Submittal-Approval Workflow
  • Track Drawing Workflow
  • Track RFI Workflow
  • Schedule Start and End Dates for project Phases

Billing and Accounts Receivable Highlights:

5 Contract Types

Stipulated Sum, Hourly, Percentage of Construction, Unit Cost, Multiple of DPE/DSE and Blended Rates in Addition to Hourly Billing

  • Designate Certain Phases to Bill Hourly Regardless of Contract Type
  • Batch Invoicing
  • Reverse or Void Invoices and Payments
  • Track GST and VAT
  • Progress Billing
  • Billing Review
  • Assign Invoice Template to a Project
  • Standard Invoice Templates
  • Save Invoices as PDF or RTF (Word)

Reports and Invoices Highlights:

50+ Clear Reports

Choose from Work-in-Hand, WIP with A/R Aging, Submittal, Bi-Weekly Timecard, Task, and more.

  • Memorize Reports
  • Store Reports as PDFs
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Payroll Reports
  • Extensive Report Filters
  • Customize Reports and Invoices Using Crystal Reports®
  • Dashboard Displays Key Business Performance Indicators
  • Task Reports
  • Submittal Reports


  • QuickBooks® PC Integration (QuickBooks® 2008 Pro or better)
  • Sync Email, Contacts and Calendar Events to Outlook (PC only)
  • Sync Mail, Contacts and Calendar (Apple Mail, Apple Contacts, Apple Calendar)
  • Sync Email, Contacts and Calendar Events to Entourage (Mac)

To learn more about EngineerOffice integration, check out our Support Documents page.