Power Pricing and the Business of the New World

When: Thursday, August 11th, 2016 9:00am - 10:00am Pacific Time

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There's a lot of talk about value pricing, and Seth David of Nerd Enterprises, Inc. wants to offer a different perspective. Pricing is not about value, and it never has been, nor will it ever be. Pricing is about the most fundamental law of Economics.

The business of the new world is a business that is automated using cloud applications. We build our businesses these days by building the ecosystem. We choose the apps that we need to make everything run smoothly.

In this session, Seth is going to show you how you can almost completely automate the accounting cycle, with BillQuick Online, Hubdoc and Then he is going to talk about how to price your services, and what REALLY drives that price. Hint: It has absolutely nothing to do with value.

Note: see this blog post for more about this - THE #1 REASON WHY YOU’RE GETTING YOUR SERVICE BUSINESS PRICING WRONG

Who Should Attend?

Accountants and Bookkeepers who want to grow and scale their practices and go from five figures to six, annually.

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In This Webinar, You'll Learn:

  • How to automate the bookkeeping client process
  • What actually drives the price of your services (it has nothing to do with value)
  • How to price your services properly


Seth David

Seth David
Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

Seth David is the chief nerd and President of Nerd Enterprises, Inc. which provides consulting and training services in Accounting and productivity based software. Consulting services range from basic bookkeeping to CFO level services such as financial modeling.

Nerd Enterprises, Inc. is one of the leaders in the small business accounting world in online training resources offering courses on a wide range of software products. Seth David has been a top 10 speaker at The Sleeter Group's Accounting Solutions Conference for the past few years. He has also spoken at:

  • QuickBooks Connect
  • Xerocon
  • Sage Summit
  • Seattle Accounting Technology Bootcamp

Seth makes extensive use of social networking tools, and web videos to maximize the impact of his training. His unique style and personal touch has helped him develop a large worldwide audience consisting of accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners, as well as general consultants and technology enthusiasts. Seth graduated from Pace University in 1996 with a bachelor's degree in Accounting.