Getting the Most Out of BillQuick Reports

When: Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 9:00am - 10:00am Pacific Time

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Get a closer look at your firm's projects, staff and finances with the powerful reporting tools in BillQuick. There are over 500 report templates to choose from and you can customize them in any format you like. Each report provides key information about the health of your business so you can suggest areas for improvement and make the right decision.

Join Irfan Qazi, Vice President of Customer Services at BQE Software, on Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 for this free live webinar to learn about the Report Center in BillQuick and how to use this feature to the fullest extent. He will also discuss the most popular and effective reports for time and expense, billing, project management and more.

Who Should Attend:

You should attend this webinar if you want to understand the power and flexibility of BillQuick reports. This webinar is for anyone new to BillQuick or just wants a refresher course on the benefits of business reporting.

Join us for this free webinar, or simply sign up to receive the recording emailed to you so you can view it at the time most convenient for you.

After the Webinar, You'll Learn How To:

  • Run standard reports in BillQuick
  • Change the fonts and add your logo to invoices
  • Memorize your frequently-used reports
  • Apply different filters to reports
  • Effectively use 5 key reports that every business should run


Irfan Qazi

Irfan Qazi
Vice President of Customer Services
BQE Software