Top 10 Business Critical Year-End Reports in BillQuick

When: Thursday, December 15th, 2016 9:00am - 10:00am Pacific Time

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As a manager or business owner, it's vital for you to occasionally stop and look back at how far you've come. The end of the year is a great time to reflect, as well as to plan for the future. Therefore, this webinar will be helpful in running effective year-end reports that help you analyze and strategize for future success.

Join Irfan Qazi, VP of Customer Services at BQE Software, on Thursday, December 15th for a 45-minute free live webinar followed by a Q&A session where he'll explain which BillQuick reports identify your most profitable clients, your most valuable employees and which services you should stop offering. If you want to formulate a great New Year's resolution for your business, this is a must-attend webinar!

Who Should Attend?

Owners, Partners and Managers who want to finish strong this year, with a clear vision for the upcoming year.

Join us for this free webinar, or simply sign up to receive the emailed recording so you can view it at the most convenient time.

In This Webinar, You'll Learn:

  • Which Key Performance Indicators matter most and why
  • Which reports to run to identify the rainmakers and the bottlenecks in your business
  • How to set goals for 2017 using the trend lines from 2016 data
  • Which business areas to focus on and which services are hurting your profits
  • Which employees have increased their effective bill rates and who are the ones lagging behind
  • Which jobs brought you the most revenue and profit in 2016


Irfan Qazi

Irfan Qazi
VP of Customer Services
BQE Software