Our Story

Let's start at the beginning. It's 1995. Shafat Qazi is a partner in a Los Angeles-based structural engineering firm. As a member of the board of the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California, Shafat regularly surveyed member firms and found that many were struggling with time and billing and other business management processes. Now, he knew he wasn't the only one struggling with this issue—and he knew there had to be a better way.

It took about a year to bring the initial BillQuick product to market, and it wasn't easy. By day he worked as an engineer while by night he feverishly worked on developing the first version of BillQuick. The effort paid off! His initial customers were so enthusiastic that Shafat left engineering in 1998 to focus full-time on BillQuick and his new company, BQE Software.

In 2009, Shafat met a kindred spirit—Steve Burns. Like Shafat, Steve had a dual life for many years. He was a partner at an architecture firm by day and software developer by night. He too knew there had to be a better way for tracking time and projects that was intuitive for architects. Steve's product was a success and he too left his firm devoting himself full-time to his software creation, ArchiOffice .

By 2010, this dynamic duo joined forces with the goal to create products that simplify the process of running a service-based business so that less time would be spent doing repetitive tasks and more time could be spent on—well, anything else.

It's still only the beginning for this successful business and creative partnership.