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Redefine Your Workflow. Rejuvenate Your Productivity.

BillQuick 2017 gives your workflow efficiency a whole new meaning. We've added new and enhanced features that allow you to plan, track and analyze financial budgets, automate personal time-off requests and simplify accounting tasks. With enhanced security and time-saving functionality, the latest version boosts your firm's productivity to the next level.

Turbocharge Your Accounting Process

Company Financial Budget

In BillQuick 2017, you can now create a company-level budget for your income and expenses. The budget can be monthly, quarterly, or annual. Once you save the budget, BillQuick can then track each line item and keep you informed about the actual amounts earned or spent. This is a great tool to plan your company's financial periods and track each line item proactively to ensure the desired profits.

Rules in Credit Card Transaction Import

You can now create your own rules when matching the credit card transactions via the Import Transactions screen. The ability to create and save rules automates the matching criteria for your future imports.

Bounced Checks

If a check is bounced, you can now use the brand new Bounced Check feature in the Payment screen. You can specify the cost to you and the amount you want to charge the client. BillQuick will automatically record the cost towards the job and generate an invoice for the charges to the client.

Empower Yourself with Automation

Automatic Time Entry for Approved PTO Requests

When a personal time off request is approved via the PTO workflow, BillQuick 2017 will automatically make the appropriate time entry in the employee's time sheet.

Get Enhanced Visibility into Your Accounts Payable

Batch Change Vendor Data

We have added the popular batch-change feature to the Vendor screen, allowing you to change data for multiple vendors in a single operation.

Additional Information When Paying Vendor Bills

We have made paying vendor bills easier by adding the Credit Available, Aged Days, Attachments, and Status columns to the list of unpaid bills.

Other Notable Features

Allow Retainer Invoice for Main Projects

In BillQuick 2017, you can now create a retainer invoice for projects of type Main and later apply the retainer to its sub-projects or phases.

Encrypted Social Security Numbers

In BillQuick 2017, when you enter the social security number for employees or vendors, it is automatically encrypted to prevent exposing it at the database level.

Routing Numbers for Bank Accounts

You can now save the bank routing number when adding a new bank account to your chart of accounts. The routing number will automatically print on the deposit slips.

Vendor History Tab Shows Vendor Checks

The Vendor screen History tab will now display all checks written to the vendor. This makes it easy to review all payments made to the vendor, including the ones that are not tied to a vendor bill.